2009 ANDRÉ Designer Fall and Winter Hats

Designer Hats Handmade in Canada
Handmade in Canada

Lady's Wool & Fur Felt Hat Collection

Large Brim, Bonnet, Cloche, Bell, Bubble, Melon, Derby and Fedora Hats

41685 ANDRÉ Beret with Tricot Trim Hat 41895 ANDRÉ Cloche Bell Hat with Printed Trim 42295 ANDRÉ Wool Bonnet Cloche Bell Hat 42491 ANDRÉ Halo Beret Hat Cap 43080 ANDRÉ Section Tricot Cashmere High Cloche Bell Hat 43280 ANDRÉ New Breton Tricot Hat 43485 ANDRÉ Velvet Young Small Breton Hat 43890 ANDRÉ Velvet Stitched Profile Turban Hat
52050 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Forward Sculpted Boater Hat 52051 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Packable Retro Young Cloche Bell Hat 52860 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Retro Slight Sideswept Cloche Bell Hat 52862 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Sideswept Bonnet Cloche Bell Hat 52950 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Packable Retro Cloche Bell Hat 52952 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Wavy Brim Small Cloche Bell Hat with Two Tone Trim 52953 ANDRÉ WoolFelt New Young Fedora Hat 52960 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Young Mushroom Cloche Bell Hat
52961a Lady's WoolFelt Stitched Crown Young Mushroom Brim Cloche Bell Hat 52961b ANDRÉ WoolFelt Stitched Young Cloche Bell Hat 52962 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Young Wavy Sculptured Brim Small Cloche Bell Hat 52963 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Forward Sculptured Brim Melon Hat 52964 ANDRÉ WoolFelt New Profile Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat ANDRÉ WoolFelt New Profile Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 53251 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Bubble Crown Cloche Bell Hat with Profile Brim and Tricot Trim ANDRÉ WoolFelt Small Young Fedora Hat
53261 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Young Small Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 53560 ANDRÉ WoolFelt High New Square Crown Fez Hat 53561 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Drape Detail Young Cloche Bell Hat 53562 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Upswept Profile Small Brim Hat 53563 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Bonnet Cloche Bell Hat 53564 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Young Profile Fedora Hat 53565 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Small Profile Brim Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 53566 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Retro Drape Brim Hat
53570 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Off Face Large Profile Cloche Bell Hat 53960 ANDRÉ WoolFelt New Young Small Profile Cloche Bell Hat 53961 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Square Crown Sculptured Brim Coachman Hat 53962 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Robin Hood Brim Hat 53963 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Classic Sideswept Brim Hat 54220 ANDRÉ New Wavy Brim Ombre WoolFelt Hat 54221 ANDRÉ Thirties Ombre WoolFelt Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 54460 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Two Tone Retro Bonnet Cloche Bell Hat
54461 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Retro Slight Profile Upswept Brim Cloche Bell Hat 54462 Lady's WoolFelt Newest High Roller Two Tone w/ Draped Crown Hat 54486 ANDRÉ WoolFelt Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 54570 Lady's WoolFelt Sculptured Large Brim Hat with Fancy Feather Trim 54571 Lady's WoolFelt Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 54825 Lady's WoolFelt Large Tricorn Brim Hat Lady's WoolFelt Large Wavy Brim Hat - Ombre WoolFelt Style: 54826 54845 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt Draped Turban Hat
55245 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt Split Crown New Cloche Bell Hat 55246 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt Draped Crown Profile Cloche Bell Hat 55247 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt Tambourine Brim Hat 55248 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt New Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 55270 Lady's WoolFelt Sideswept Indented Brim Hat with Crepe Satin Lace 55271 Lady's Dramatic Large Sideswept Brim Hat with Whispy Feather Trim 55272 Lady's WoolFelt Large Upswept Brim Hat 55273 Lady's WoolFelt Dramatic Deep Cloche Bell Large Brim Hat
55274 Lady's WoolFelt Dramatic Cloche Bell Hat with Leather Laced Trim 55545 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt Two Tone Forward Scoop 55546 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt Wavy Small Brim Cloche Bell Hat 55860 Lady's Square Crown Cloche Bell Hat with Real Mink Trim 55861 Lady's Small Breton Hat with Real Mink Trim 55930 Lady's Velour FurFelt Young Melon Derby Bowler Hat 55931 Lady's Velour FurFelt Retro Sculpted Cloche Bell Hat 55945 Lady's Empress Melusine FurFelt Young Fedora Cloche Bell Hat
55970 Lady's Large Tricorn Brim Hat 55971 Lady's Dressy Occasion Upswept Brim Hat w/ Two Tone Drape 56530 Lady's Velour FurFelt New Tambourine Brim Hat 56531 Lady's Velour FurFelt Young Small Profile Cloche Bell Hat 56532 Lady's Velour FurFelt High Crown Cloche Bell Hat 56533 Lady's Velour FurFelt Small Wavy Brim Hat 56590 Lady's Velour FurFelt Head Hugger Coif Hat with Veil 56900 Lady's La Marquise Large Off Face Profile Brim Hat
57530 Lady's Velour FurFelt Bubble Crown Profile Cloche Bell Hat with Feather Trim 57531 Lady's Velour FurFelt New Indented Crown Young Profile Cloche Bell Hat 57900 Lady's FurFelt La Marquise Sailor Hat 58800 Lady's FurFelt La Marquise Large Sideswept Brim Hat 58940 Lady's Velour FurFelt Large Over Eye Dip Cloche Bell Hat 58941 Lady's Velour FurFelt Large Sideswept Brim Hat 58942 Lady's Velour Furfelt Large Profile Cloche Bell Hat 58943 Lady's Velour FurFelt Large Off Face Profile Brim Hat
59530 Lady's FurFelt Two Tone New Roller Hat with Draped Crown

2009 Andre Designer ANDRÉ FurFelt WoolFelt Hat
Lady's Wool & Fur Felt Large Brim, Bonnet, Cloche, Bell, Bubble, Melon, Derby and Fedora Hats



Size Fits: 57-58cm or 22 1/2"- 23 1/2" inches
As these hats are specially and custom made to order for you...
If you'd like any style in a different color, material, or trimmed and garnished differently than shown in the pictures, anything is possible!
Please inquire...
* 10 - 14 days for Manufacturing *

An ANDRÉ Hat from the CanadianHat Manufacturing Corporation, is unsurpassed in quality and it is always trend-right.
Whether in fur, velour, fur felt, wool felt, straw or fabric, their designs capture the hottest looks as they emerge
and the André ™ label is recognized – and sought after – the world over.

All hats are special order and handmade as they have been for over 50 years. Handmade means it does not require electricity to make...
All hats are made using the old traditional ways of wet blocking and hand stitching
with full professional craft and workmanship.

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