ANDRÉ 2009 Ladies Spring & Summer Hat Collection

Designer Hats Handmade in Canada
Designer Hats Handmade in Canada

Straw Bonnet, Cloche & Bell Hats
Large Brim & Kentucky Derby Hats

ANDRE Lumina Double Brim Wavy Cloche Bell Hat - 70950 ANDRE Packable Travel Brim Hat - 71051 Ladies Mirage Fine Sewn Young Fedora Hat - 71265 ANDRE Raffia Wavy Brim Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat - 71285 ANDRE Mirage Sewn Braid Young Fedora Hat - 71565 ANDRE Exotic Baku Young Fedora Hat - 72830 ANDRE Mirage Sewn Braid New Watteau Brim Hat - 72865 ANDRE Rafia Straw Cloche Bell Hat w/ Vitrage Facing - 72885
ANDRE Exotic Baku Straw Thirties Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat - 72930 73270 ANDRE Astoria Straw New Bubble Crown Cloche Bell Hat 73690 ANDRE Large Open Crown Hat with Fine Sewn Brim 73860 ANDRE Divinia Straw Large Wavy Brim Hat 73870 ANDRE Astoria Straw Packable Brim Hat 73930 ANDRE Exotic Baku New Bonnet Cloche Bell Hat 74230 Ladies Exotic Baku Sculpted Crown Cloche Bell Hat with Vitrage Trim Hat 74295 ANDRE Elantra Natural Cloche Bell Hat
74540 Ladies Cadillac Straw New Watteau Brim Hat 74595 ANDRE Glamour Hairbraid Large Pinch Back Hat with Dressy Brim 74615 ANDRE Infiniti Natural Straw Indented Crown Profile Cloche Bell Hat 74931 ANDRE Exotic Baku New Cheek Hugging Cloche Bell Hat 74932 ANDRE Exotic Baku Young Profile Brim Hat 74941 ANDRE Cadillac Straw Sideswept Brim Hat 74970 ANDRE Astoria Straw New Bonnet Cloche Bell Hat 74990 ANDRE Fine Sewn Natural Lontra Straw Large Sideswept Brim Hat
75275 ANDRE Sorrento Straw Large Sideswept Brim Hat with Vitrage Trim 75440 ANDRE Dressy Cadillac Straw Sideswept Brim Hat 75442 ANDRE Cadillac Straw Medium Profile Brim Hat 75555 ANDRE Olympia Straw Large Dramatic Sideswept Brim Hat 75675 ANDRE Sorrento Straw Large Side Indented Brim Hat 75695 ANDRE Elantra Straw New Crown Medium Profile Brim Hat 75755 ANDRE Olympia Straw Large Sideswept Brim Hat 75840 ANDRE Cadillac Straw Off Face Profile Hat
75920 ANDRE Alura Straw Thirties Cloche Bell Bonnet Hat 75975 Ladies Sorrento Straw Large Profile Watteau Brim Hat 75999 Ladies Hairbraid Waistline Toque Hat with Feathers & Jewels 76220 Ladies Alura Straw Face Framing Bonnet Cloche Bell Hat 76221 Ladies Alura Straw Sculpted Cloche Bell Hat 76520 Ladies Alura Straw Cheek Hugging Cloche Bell Hat 77420 Ladies Alura Straw Young Wavy Brim Cloche Bell Hat 77500 Buntal Straw Large Wavy Brim Cloche Bell Hat with Horsehair Trim
77501 Ladies Buntal Straw Large Assemetric Cloche Bell Hat 77502 Ladies Buntal Straw Large Inverted Brim Hat 77620 Ladies Alura Straw Sloped Crown Profile Brim Hat 77800 Ladies Buntal Straw Large Brim Hat 77803 Ladies Buntal Straw Large Draped Crown Hat with Profile Brim 77804 Ladies Buntal Straw Dramatic Large Profile Brim Hat 77820 Ladies Alura Straw Elegant Profile Brim Hat 77995 Ladies Dressy Head Hugger Hat with Feather & Veil Trim
78200 Ladies Buntal Straw Large Sideswept Brim Hat 78201 Ladies Buntal Straw Drape Crown Hat with Large Brim 78202 Ladies Buntal Straw Slope Crown Gossamer Drape Brim Hat 78410 Ladies Gossamer Crown Hat with Large Dramatic Sideswept Brim 78910 Ladies Gossamer Crown Hat with Large Embroidered Creen Brim 79500 Ladies Fancy Gossamer Crown Hat with Large Buntal Watteau Brim

ANDRE - Ladies Bonnet, Cloche, Bell, Large Brim, Straw and Derby Hats - 2009 Spring & Summer Collection



Size Fits: 57-58cm or 22 1/2"- 23 1/2" inches
As these hats are specially and custom made to order for you...
If you'd like any style in a different color, material, or trimmed and garnished differently than shown in the pictures, anything is possible!
Please inquire...
* 10 - 14 days for Manufacturing *

An ANDRÉ Hat from the CanadianHat Manufacturing Corporation, is unsurpassed in quality and it is always trend-right.
Whether in fur, velour, fur felt, wool felt, straw or fabric, their designs capture the hottest looks as they emerge
and the André ™ label is recognized – and sought after – the world over.

All hats are special order and handmade as they have been for over 50 years. Handmade means it does not require electricity to make...
All hats are made using the old traditional ways of wet blocking and hand stitching
with full professional craft and workmanship.

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